Creative Concepts Phone: 425-743-4671  ▪ 6615 Marine View Drive, Edmonds WA 98026

Creative Concepts has been manufacturing espresso bar system for over sixteen years and offers many types and styles to choose from. Our approach is to build a system to meet your needs and budget, rather than try to modify an out-of-the box type cart. Our designs are unique and innovative; we lead the industry in our approach.
Creative Concepts provides in house design and consulting services, including bar design equipment layout and utility placement. All of our bar systems are custom made to order.
We value our reputation for high quality at a reasonable cost.

Some of our wonderful clients include:

  • Carabou of Juneau
  • Electric Bannana
  • Espresso Chalet
  • Espresso Connection
  • Espresso Depot
  • Espresso Specialists
  • Espresso World
  • Firehouse Coffee
  • Foxx Hollow Coffee
  • Heritage Coffee
  • Italian Imports
  • Ketchikan Coffee
  • Korea Coffee Company
  • La Marzocco International
  • Lavazza Coffee
  • Libby's Lattes
  • Local Color
  • Rock Church
  • Seattle's Best Coffee
  • Seattle Golf Club
  • The Harbor Club
  • Visions

Please visit our Gallery Page to view our collection of different types of carts, kiosks, restaurant sets and more!

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